Free 100 day try-out period

After installation you can try the program for free for about 100 days. During this try-out period all functionalities are enabled so you can check that the program functions according to your wishes. When this 100 day period has expired the program will print a demonstration message on the page and have other limitations. If you want to continue with the full program you will have to purchase a user license. See the terms and conditions at start-up or in the menu in the program.

User License

The price of a user license is EUR 24,50.  Until September 1, 2021 an introductory price of EUR 19,50 is applicable, after that date it is EUR 21,50
If you want to purchase a user license you can send an e- mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

There are two methods:

1. license based on your e-mail address. Your email address is used to create a license number.

this is the new method.

2. license based on home address. Your home address is used to create a license number.

send an e-mail with your:

zipcode and city

this is the old method that was used many years ago when licenses were shipped by post. Nowadays this not necessary anymore and it could have privacy concerns.

therefore method one may be the preferred method, but method two is also still available.

After ordering you will receive an e-mail with the license number and payment details (bank account in NL).

If you prefer paypal, please indicate so in your e-mail. In that case you get the paypal info.

No message received

If you do not receive a message within a week please check your unwanted mail box.